3CE – Cult Korean Beauty Brand

The up and coming brand 3CE has gained lots of traction and popularity to the women of South Korea. With their fun trendy posts and their knowledge of what millennials want, they’ve successfully created tons of stores, editorial content, and engagement with Koreans.


As a cosmetic brand that has been released under the successful fashion brand Stylenanda, its brand has grown from its online clothing store into full on retail stores that sell clothing & cosmetics.


Creating cheeky products & looks, this has gained a cult following in the past few years.

Images via Stylenanda

Bold unapologetic colors with their eye shadow palettes & lip tints have taken the Korean make-up industry storm. 3CE has quickly gained popularity with their fun trendy styled photos and fashionable posts they post on their website. Their stores area also incredibly adorable and chic, it’s worth to go for a cool high-end-Sephora-type experience.

Image via Stylenanda

New product launches from 2017 consists of sultry classy eye shadow palettes, nude matte lip sticks, and dark blush/bronzers to go for classy European & Western looks.

3CE has also managed to attract hot K-Pop artists such as Heize to endorse and promote their products as seen in this video. We hope the best for 3CE’s growth and success in the global market as well!

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