2017 Was All About Sultry Makeup in Korea

The current trending face in Korea has moved away from a “no-makeup” makeup look to a more sultry, disheveled, and sexy style. Korea’s cosmetic and editorial trendsetters are introducing new facets to the signature Korean style popular throughout Asia. For the most part, the average Korean woman still wears very light, natural-looking makeup, conservative clothing, and does not lean toward strong, statement looks. However, in current media, magazine, and editorial content, you may witness trends shying away from the dainty, conservative feminine look to newer and bolder sexy looks.

The popular clothing/makeup brand, Stylenanda, is at the forefront of this new wave of makeup trends. (Image via Stylenanda)
Image via Stylenanda

Brands that bring the allure of Western makeup to Korean beauty, such as Stylenanda’s cosmetics line, 3CE, have done a fabulous job exploring the untapped sexy, smoky, and adventurous cosmetics market in Korea. With super-matte lipsticks, bold eyeshadows, and experimental fashion trends backing up their street fashion cred, Stylenanda has become the edgy face creating a new narrative of visuals in the K-Beauty game. By making their products easily attainable for all makeup users-alike, they’ve successfully localized this trend into the young minds of Korean millennials.

A subtle nude smoky eye palette with color contacts, slight freckles, and a matte lip color. All for an alluring look. (Image via Pinterest)
Clear dewy skin, minimal eye make up, faint brown under-eye shadow with strong orange-tinted cheeks and a bold red lip bring this innocent doll-like look alive.                                                 (Image via Stylenanda)


Image via Stylenanda

The cute, innocent girl look is still praised all over Korea, as the typical Korean women still desires to look young, fresh, and untainted by the world. Now it is mingled with a hint of mystery, and effortless sexy to attract the opposite gender.

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