Unistella x Dashing Diva Collaboration

With Unistella’s popularity on the rise, collaborations have been happening left & right with this stellar nail company and other big name brands. One of their recent collaborations included an artificial nail press-on brand called “Dashing Diva” which has successfully distributed their creative work in most countries in Asia.

With gel nails becoming increasingly demanded yet costs are not going down, many women in South Korea are turning to artificial press on nails such as Dashing Diva.


With their cute clean packaging, and easy access in large retail stores in South Korea such as Olive Young, LOHBS, and Watsons, this brand has successfully won over the hearts of young women in Seoul.


Behind the scenes footage of the photoshoot with Unistella x Dashing Diva Collaboration provided by JK Media & Entertainment.

Get your nails here: https://dashingdiva.com/collections/press-on-nails


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