5 Etude House Must-Haves for K-Beauty Newbies & Veterans

Korean beauty is well-known for its affinity towards unique, trendy packaging, and cute, girly concepts, and no brand does this better than the one and only Etude House. With such a huge range of products, it can be overwhelming to get your head wrapped around what to try first, so I’ve made a comprehensive guide (in no particular order) to five Etude House must-buys!

Glow On Base – Oil Volume


Image via Etude House

This primer isn’t necessarily a new product from Etude House’s line, but made ripples around the K-Beauty community recently as a sleeper hit. It sells itself as an all-in-one product – providing moisture while priming your face for foundation, all while giving you the glowy “strobing” effect that’s been all the rage in both Western and K-Beauty!


Image via Edward Avila

If you’re the type that loves the Korean “mul-gwang” glowy-skin trend, then this is the base for you. Apply it after your skincare and before your foundation for the best effect!

Dear Darling Tint


Image via Etude House

One of the most popular K-Beauty products is lip tints! They’re an easy, natural way to add some life to your lips. Etude House recently revamped their lip tint line into a cuter, trendier packaging inspired by ice cream bars. Like most K-Beauty they carry skin benefits along with the color, containing fruit extracts to keep your lips moisturized and soft.

CaptureImage via Etude House

They are currently available in 10 shades, with 1 shade being more of a tinted lip gloss. These can be used either as a gradient lip or a full lip look, and their “juicy” finish and moisturizing quality fit right into 2017’s “fruit juice makeup” trend!

Look At My Eyes Eye Shadows


Image via Etude House

Etude House’s top-selling item in Korea is their Look At My Eyes eye shadows, and for good reason! They come in a whopping 83 shades in 3 different formulas, Jewel, Matte (Cafe), and Shimmer. They’re a very affordable, great formula, and are constantly on sale.


Image via Etude House

These can be easily depotted and added to a Z-Palette, or into Etude’s own “My Beauty Tool” empty palette, available in 4, 8, and 12-shadow versions. The 4-shadow palettes come with 5 of the designs found on the Dear My Lips-Talk Cases, which brings me onto the next item..

Dear My Lips-Talk Case Edition


Image via Etude House

If you are a fan of Etude House’s lipsticks, but dislike how the packaging is all the same, then this product is for you! You can mix and match your Matte Tinting or Glass Tinting lipsticks, currently available in 35 shades, with one of these trendy customizable cases.


Image via 오래옹

You buy the lipsticks separately from the cases, and can click them into whichever suits your fancy. This isn’t permanent, so if you want to switch it up you can just take it out and put it into a different case. These cases are the perfect way to accessorize with any look or outfit, and with 25 different ones currently available (with more being released all the time), you’re bound to find the perfect match to show off your individuality!

0.2 Therapy Air Mask


Image via Etude House

When it comes to K-Beauty, one of the most important staples is a good sheet mask. However, keeping up a sheet-masking habit can be pretty expensive in the long-run, so Etude House has you covered with the 0.2 Therapy Air Sheet Masks! They’re designed to be used 7 days a week, and thus are sold at a very affordable price.


Image via Etude House

There are 19 different masks to cover a wide-range of skin troubles, and feature a thin, 0.2mm sheet for an optimal fit! They come in 3 types of essence – watery, ampoule, and emulsion, and advertise themselves as being a low-irritant mask great for sensitive skin, and are also 7-free (free of Triclosan, Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Suphates, Pthalates, Benzophenon 3 & 4, Petrolatum, and Hydroquinone)! If you’re just getting started in K-Beauty, or even if you’re a seasoned expert, these masks are a great addition to your skincare routine.



Etude House is an extremely diverse brand with countless unique, trendy products to try out. Whether it’s your first purchase with them or you’re a long-time fan, the above 5 products are definite must-haves for your K-Beauty collection!

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