Holiday Sparkle Peri Pera-Style!

The holiday season is almost here and K-Beauty brands are getting ready! This year the first big holiday collection to catch everyone’s attention is Peri Pera Pearly Night. Peri Pera is known for its extremely cute packaging, but this time they really outdid themselves. Everything glitters or shines and is absolutely gorgeous, but the star of the collection are the brand’s famous lip tints decked with a snowball on top!

Image via Peri Pera

This collection launched with six products featuring longtime Peri Pera favorites, as well as some newcomers!

Peri’s Ink Velvet Tints

Image via Peri Pera

First we have Peri’s Ink Velvet tints. There are a total of 4 shades available–hit colors selected from their permanent line. Their lip tints are what Peri Pera is best known for and their bestselling product for a reason. If you’re not sure what to get but want something from the collection, look no further!

The lip tints are very pigmented, feel very soft, and last forever. They are top-notch quality and will satisfy both makeup beginners and hardcore lipstick fans! The cute and well-made packaging makes them the perfect stocking stuffers!

Girl’s Perfume Hand Cream

Image via Peri Pera

Next, are three perfumed hand creams! Thanks to their cute festive packaging, these are another great option for a cute little gift.

Pearly Night Liquid Glitter Shadows

Image via Peri Pera

The Liquid Glitter Shadows are said to be spot-on formula dupes for the famous Stila liquid shadows, but only cost a fraction of the price. They are a very diverse product, as they can give you that eye-sparkle-visible-from-space look, but also work beautifully as a subtle glittery accent on your eyelids. Another hit from the collection which got the K-Beauty community very excited!

Pearly Night Ink Lasting Cushion

Image via Peri Pera

Another head-turner are the cushions! The packaging, with its floating glitter-packed encasing, just screams holiday season and is said to be one of the most beautiful cushions ever released. There are two kinds available: the Ink Lasting Pink Cushion and the Ink Lasting Lavender cushion. The pink cushion has better coverage, while the lavender one is more yellow-toned and moisturizing. 

Pearly Night Lip Glitters

Image via Peri Pera

The Pearly Night Lip Glitters are lip glosses with chunky glitter in them! There are two shades available–one with hearts and the second with star-shaped glitter.

Liquid Ink Highlighters

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Image via Peri Pera

Last but not least, we have the Liquid Ink Highlighters! These are quite subtle and seem to work best applied on top of powder products. From the two shades available, the lavender one is said to look quite ashy on warmer skin tones and thus Pink Champagne is the more popular choice of the two. 

If you’re looking for some cute items to join your pouch this Winter, the Pearly Night collection is a safe bet! Peri Pera seems to have started a new trend, as The Face Shop just came out with their Holiday collection, which also features lip tints with snowballs on top. It looks like this will be an especially exciting and busy Holiday season for K-Beauty, stay tuned for more!

Image via The Face Shop

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