Shine Bright in eSpoirs’s Holiday Shower

Holiday launches are in full throttle here in South Korea and every brand is competing for the best holiday collection! So far, each has featured everything from shiny new highlighters and sultry blushes to shimmery lipsticks and party-ready nail polishes. With so many equally beautiful and mesmerizing items on the market, it’s up to us to decide who has got the best of the best! One that stands out from the crowd is definitely eSpoir’s Holiday Shower Collection, which has caught beauty fiends’ eyes for its extra shimmery and glittery yet wearable glow. It officially launched in Korea on December 1st and it’s available until sold out!

Image via Espoir

Holiday Shower Highlighting Powder

Image via Espoir

If you’re looking for a festive shimmery glow, try this highlighting powder! The blush has golden hues and looks great on the skin during daylight. However, under artificial lighting is when the true magic happens! Once the camera flash hits, your golden glow instantly transforms into a glass-like dewiness even RiRi would look twice at.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 8.02.18 PM.png
Image via Espoir

The powder is split with the highlighter at the center and the blush at the corners. Mix colors or apply separately for different shades!

Holiday Shower Metallic Eye Glitter

Every K-Beauty enthusiast is ecstatic to try out this gorgeous liquid eyeshadow that has been making its rounds in news feeds. The fine glitter, packaging, pigmentation, and texture of this product has made it an instant hit so be careful–this one calls for endless swatching.

Soak Insider Tip: The pigmentation is superb. Apply everywhere.


Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 10.33.45 PM.png
Images via Espoir

Holiday Shower Eyeshadow Palette

eSpoir’s special edition Holiday Shower Eyeshadow Palette is to die for! For those into warmer tones, this is your palette! These rich and high-pigmented warm neutral shades have all the ingredients needed for the perfect golden smoky-eye. We predict you’ll be rocking this at all your holiday parties.


eye shadow espoir.png
Images via Espoir

The palette consists of 4 shades: Evening Dress, Angelic, Midnight Mood, and Chandelier:

Holiday Shower Lip Gloss

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The Holiday Shower Lip Gloss was released in 3 new playful and glittery colors. These lippies are transluscent, flirty, and very moist on the lips.

“Golden Live”
“Sugar Ball”
“Evening Glass”

Holiday Shower Fashion Nail Mini Kit

We are obsessed with this nail kit! It’s medium-sized chunky glitter gives off the perfect amount of shine despite having a natural finish. Not to mention, the festive shades are also so mesmerizing!


“I’m Charmed”, “I’m Gorgeous”, “I’m Chilling”

“I’m Charmed”
“I’m Gorgeous”
“I’m Chilling”

Holiday Shower Exclusive Kit

This exclusive kit allows you to purchase a few of the Holiday Shower Collection’s hits packaged as one (Christmas gift material right here!).

Image via Espoir

Check out the entire collection on the Espoir site! (Before they sell out!)

Now, which products in this collection have you added to your wish list? We want them all! Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Image via Espoir

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