VDL’s Red Collection is a Christmas Delight

Holiday season is here and VDL has got all of your seasonal beauty needs covered. The Red Collection features everything you would need for your lids all the way down to your nails! VDL’s new sleek and red selection of blush, primer, lippies, eyeshadow palettes and cushion foundations are screaming for a rouge-y, sexy Santa Baby look that will certainly make you the standout this Christmas holiday.

If you have yet to find your signature red, this collection may be the perfect chance to play around with various rich and warm red hues!

Image via VDL

Expert Color Lip Cube Velvet


Image via VDL

The Expert Color Lip Cube Velvets come in 2 shades of red: Guilty Pleasure and Out Bloom. These sexy yet holiday-friendy reds are to die for! The only problem we would imagine you encountering is application. These lipsticks are square-shaped so they may not be the easiest tool to maneuver around the lips, but the pigmentation and these babies are worth the shot. These Lip Cubes also come in a set alongside a nail polish packaged in a cute and convenient red lips pouch!

Expert Color Eye Book


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Image via VDL

The VDL Expert Color Eye Book Mini No. 7 also launched in The Red Collection. Inside you can find five colors fit to achieve a complete eye look from the base to the crease contour to the highlight. However, the star of the palette is the red eyeshadow! It is beyond gorgeous.

Expert Color Cheek Book

Image via VDL

The collection also features an orange-pink tinted blush–The Expert Color Cheek Book Mini No.5. It’s perfect for that cute, noticeably blushed look for holiday parties and wine-and-dines.

Soak Insider Tip: The pigment is a strong and unique red-orange shade so it might be a bit surprising upon application. Try it out first before purchasing as it may not fit all skin tones.

Expert Metal Cushion Foundation

Image via VDL

The Expert Metal Cushion Foundation was released in 10 shades. If you’re looking for a 24-hour long-wear glow in your foundation, this is the cushion compact for you. It has natural full coverage, locks in moisture, and gives your skin a sleek and glowing finish!

Lumilayer Primer & Expert Color Primer

Image via VDL

The Lumilayer Primer and Expert Color Primer for Eyes provide better wear for your foundation and eyeshadow. Based on VDL’s constant excellent reviews on their base and primer products, we can bet these two cornerstones of the Red Collection won’t disappoint!


Expert Nail Color

Image via VDL

The Expert Nail Color came out in the same two colors as the Lip Cubes: Guilty Pleasure and Out Bloom. We are ALL for coordinating your lipstick with your manicure!

Image via Lotte

VDL has released the Red Collection in various packaged sets as well, so if you want to mix and match your fave products–go crazy! VDL’s Beauty Metal Cushion Foundation + Mini Eye Book + Free Brush Gift Set is an example of a great Christmas gift for a beauty-loving girlfriend, best friend, or sister. You can search for your favorite set on Lotte’s online mall.

The limited edition Red Collection from VDL Cosmetics can be purchased here! Check out VDL’s site to stay up-to-date on their constant new additions to the K-Beauty game!


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