5 K-Beauty Glitter Products to Light Up the Holidays

Glitter has always been a beauty staple, but the year’s end is truly when even your Average Joe feels tempted to light up their life with all the glitz and glam of the holiday season. Here are 5 Korean products available year-round that can help you get your glitter on!

The Saem – Echo Soul Water Eye Tint

Image via The Saem

The Saem is a brand famous for its affordable prices and extremely extensive product range to the point where it can be a little overwhelming. Having said that, they carry quite a few gems like the Echo Soul Watery Eye Tints!

the saem
Image via The Saem

These are a liquid-type shadow that dries down and stays on your lids all day. Available in 8 colours and retailing for 8,000KRW, these are an affordable and easy way to spruce up your eyes with some shimmer. Apply with the wand or your finger, wait for it to set, and you’re done!

Aritaum – Shine Fix Eyes

Image via Aritaum

When it comes to glitter, the Aritaum “Shine Fix Eyes” are one of, if not the most popular product in the Korean market! Working as a pressed pigment and available in both opaque and sheer finishes, these can be applied to your lid with your finger for a quick boost to any eye look. Pack it on for an even stronger finish!

aritaum (2)
Image via Aritaum

Currently available in 15 shades at 8,000KRW each, this product is perfect for beginners due to their easy blendability, as well as their focus on more neutral tones.

Image via 슬라

Apply a lighter glitter in the middle of your eye to add some lift, or apply it under your eyes for the popular Korean “aegyo-sal” look!

Bbia – Pigment

bbia (2)
Image via Daily Cosmetic


Now we’re getting into the big leagues! If you want to experiment with some shine, but don’t want to empty your bank account while doing so, these Bbia Pigments are for you!

Image via Bbia

Available in a whopping 16 shades at the low price of 7,500 KRW each, these pigments are a force to be reckoned with!

Image via Bbia

Simply deposit a little product onto the lid, and apply with your finger as pictured above. It is recommended that you use a primer or a sticky base for the glitter to adhere to for minimum fallout.

Image via Bbia

Any combination of their pigments will look flattering on any eye color and shape, but they carry a few red and gold shades that would be a perfect fit for the holidays!

Beauty People – Flash Fix Pearl Pigment Pact


These Beauty People pigments have been making waves not just in Korea, but have become a real hit with Western youtubers alike!

BP (2)

More than a creamy pressed pigment, these come off as a pressed chunky glitter shadow. Because of how pigmented they are, you’ll want to gently tap the product in the pot with your finger instead of rubbing it. You’ll be surprised with how amazing the payoff is!

Image via 유리

Coming in 10 shades at only 9,000 KRW, these are clearly popular for a reason – they’re comparable to the brightness of Stila’s famous “Magnificent Metals” liquid eye shadows, at half the price!

Touch in Sol – Metallist Shadow Duo

Image via touch in SOL

Last but definitely not least, is a product that was the star of many Youtube videos around the world this year – the Touch in Sol “Metallist Shadow Duos”!

Image via 댜닝

Available at Sephora and coming in 10 shades for a steeper 25,000 KRW, these are a dual-type product that offer both a metallic liquid shadow, and a glitter shadow topper.

Image via 댜닝

You can choose to use just the metallic side, just the glitter side, or mix both together for some ultra shine! Simply apply them to your lids with the applicator, buff them out with a brush or your finger, and you’re set!

Image via Style Korea ID

Hopefully you have a few new ideas about what products to pick up for the holidays and how to use them. After all, it never hurts to add a bit of sparkle to your life!

Featured image via Daily Cosmetic

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