3 YouTube Beauty Gurus to Ease You into the World of K-Beauty

Forget Netflix. YouTube is where I go when I want a lazy Friday night in bed. And for those who have ever fallen down the rabbit hole that is makeup tutorials on YouTube, you can probably understand why.

Before moving to Korea, K-Beauty from a distance seemed deceptively simple to me – bright lipstick, light-colored foundation, and natural, understated eye makeup. But with the help of a few late-night binge-sessions on YouTube, I’ve come to appreciate K-Beauty as an art form in and of itself. Even though I haven’t completely adopted the K-Beauty look myself, I like staying in the know and appreciate K-Beauty as an alternative to western beauty trends.

Jumping into the ins and outs of K-Beauty can seem daunting, but here are three beauty gurus in the YouTube-o-sphere that make it completely accessible. They all bring a western perspective and a refreshing but always entertaining candidness to K-Beauty and their lives in Korea.

Joan Kim

Joan Kim, a Seoul-based Korean-American, is like your knowledgeable older sister when it comes to K-Beauty. Joan’s channel is basically THE K-Beauty channel for the uninitiated simply because she’s got tons of beginner-friendly content that at least gives you a sense of where to even start. From basic Korean skincare routine videos to brand focuses, Joan’s videos are comprehensive but still accessible to a newbie. Particularly helpful are her videos dealing with Korean acne skincare (she’s been a long time sufferer herself).

Edward Avila

Edward Avila, an American who has been living in Seoul for the past few years, features makeup tutorials, unboxings of new products, and vlogs multiple times a week. From replicating memorable K-pop idol looks to reviewing K-Beauty product launches, Edward brings his trademark sass and candor. His attention to detail and the breadth of products he features in reviews makes it easier to figure out what products are worth trying out.

Kennie J.D.

Kennie J.D., aka Kendall, combines the juicy details of her life in Korea with makeup tutorials. Kendall’s videos are a godsend to those who have a darker skin tone but still want to dabble in K-Beauty. Kendall gives you the 411 on what works and what doesn’t work for those with a different skin tone from Koreans. Since she and I are closer in skin tone, I always check out her videos to get a sense of what colors or tones of lipstick or eyeshadow would suit me best before going to the store.

It’s not hard to see how YouTube has become instrumental to the spread of K-Beauty. A lot of people seem to go to beauty YouTubers before actually going to the stores (or websites) themselves. And in turn, K-Beauty companies are taking note of the impact of Youtube and approaching their own products and marketing accordingly.  

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