Diversify Your 2018 with Etude House’s New “Mini Two Match” Lipsticks

Etude House is starting the year off with a bang with the release of their Mini Two Match lipstick collection, a collection featuring 31 unique colors in a style never-before-seen in the K-Beauty world!

Image via Etude House

This collection comes with 20 foundation lipsticks, 5 color mixers, 3 lip toppers, 2 lip balms, and a lip concealer.

Image via Etude House

The idea is that you can pick any two colors, snap them into the magnetic holder (sold separately), and enjoy a diversified look! Brought a light coral to wear at work, but going out to party later? Put the black color-mixer onto the other side of the holder and transform your day-look into nighttime glam!

Lip Colors

Image via Etude House

There’s a wide range of lipsticks to start your base with, ranging from warm nudes to cool pops of color.

Color Mixers

Image via Etude House
Image via Etude House

The color mixers are inspired by the CMYK model used in color printing, where Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (black) are used to create an entire range of colors. So, once you choose your basic lipstick color, you can take the color mixers and create a whole new range of shades!

Lip Toppers

Image via Etude House
Image via Etude House

If glitter is more your thing, there are 3 lip toppers that can be used on their own as a subtle pop of shine or on top of any of the other lipsticks to make them a little more fancy!

Lip Balm & Lip Concealer

Image via Etude House
Image via Etude House

There are also two lip balms, one tinted and one transparent, and a lip concealer to easily apply your favorite gradient/ombre look.

Image via Etude House

If you’re not sure what kind of looks you can put together, Etude House has the above examples on their website, so you can get some ideas.

Image via Etude House

2017 was a year chock-full of lipstick releases, so even if you already feel like your collection is complete, the Mini Two Match lipsticks offer endless combinations to turn your old lipstick collection into something completely new!

Featured Image via Etude House

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