Brand Spotlight: Bbia is Beauty on a Budget

When it comes to K-Beauty, people tend to be the most familiar with the big road shop brands like Etude House and The Face Shop. What many don’t know is that there are a plethora of online K-Beauty brands with top-notch products! Today I will be introducing one of the best, and one that has managed to become so successful it’s recently made the transition from online to offline – Bbia!

Image via Bbia

Founded in 2004 by Hyung-geun Kwak, Bbia (short for “Beauty Blooming in Online Ocean”) is a brand that aims to provide affordable cosmetics with non-harmful ingredients. They started off small but now sell a wide range of products, including various formulas of lipsticks and tints, eyeshadows, eyeliners, loose glitter, and more!


They recently went through a brand image overhaul to coincide with the launch of a ton of new products never seen under the Bbia brand before, rebranding in a style reminiscent of trendy-chic brands like 3CE and Aritaum.

Image via PONY Syndrome

(Pony is seen above wearing the BBIA Shade and Shadow in “#04” and BBIA LAST PEN EYELINER in “#02 Sharpen Brown”)

A big contributor to Bbia’s initial and continued success in Korea is the frequent usage of their products by famous Korean makeup artist Pony. Using them time and time again in her looks, she proved that they don’t have to break the bank to be high-quality and highly functional!


Image via Instagram

One of Bbia’s stand-out products is their wide range of lipsticks. They hit the ball out of the park last year by releasing a collection of trendy Autumn-toned lipsticks that generated a buzz within the K-Beauty community.

Image via ABEAU

Their wide ranges of lipsticks might look a little confusing, but they actually have a system they use to categorize them. Instead of adding new colors to a pre-existing lipstick line, they release their lipsticks in collections of 5 shades. They are made in the same formula, but you are able to differentiate what collection (Series 1, 2, 3, etc.) each shade is from by the color of the lipstick tube. So from the surface it might look like they have a million different formulas and lines of lip products, but there are just 5 with various series within each line.

Loose Glitter

Image via 소르

Another thing Bbia is known for is their glitter pigments. There are many pressed pigments available in Korea, but loose pigments are hard to come by for those who prefer an explosion of glitter over a subtle sparkle. These can be used in a number of ways – all over your lid for a bold, sparkly look or under your eyes to highlight your aegyo-sal (eye bags).

Liquid Glitter

Image via Instagram
Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 12.41.16 PM.png
Image via Lee Deoku

If loose pigments are too intimidating, you can also check out their liquid glitter products that come with their own base, so you don’t have to worry about needing glitter glue to apply them. Just a quick swipe with the brush applicator, and you’re set!

Image via Sky007

Even if you’re on a budget, Bbia has you covered with their wide range of products! If you live in Korea, a small selection of their products are available at LOHBs stores as well as on their website where they also have a list of overseas countries that they ship to.

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  1. Do they have the Korean lip stains? I’m really into the gradient lip look and I see these special lip stains that are being used to achieve the look. Do you know of Korean skin care lines that are easy to purchase online for ship to the US? I’m looking for ANYWHERE I can try and buy more Korean products.

    1. Jasmine Oliver says:

      They just released a line of water lip tints, and have other formulas of lip stains too! 🙂 Other brands famous for lip tints are Peri Pera and Etude House! As for your second question, Jolse is a great option for K-Beauty products. They have frequent sales and great service overall. Thanks for your comment!

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