Brand Spotlight: CNP Laboratory is Dermatology in a Bottle

Not only is CNP (Cha and Park) Laboratory one of my favorite Korean skincare brands of all time, but it has also improved and strengthened my skin the most. There’s a reason why “laboratory” is in their name. Launched from a leading skin clinic in Korea, CNP Laboratory develops their products through their own dermatology practice and research institute. Their approach to skin care is focusing on the health of the skin by incorporating dermatology treatments into their products. 

Below are some of the most well-known (and my favorite all-time) products from CNP Laboratory. They’re MUST-HAVES, and I personally load up my suitcase with them when leaving Korea.

CNP Laboratory Ampule

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Image via CNP Laboratory

Hands down, these are the best ampules I have used so far. They are so popular in Korea that they sell them in bulk at the Korean Costcos!

But first, what are ampules? Ampules are supercharged serums with a high concentration of active ingredients to boost skin more immediately. They are more powerful than serums and can be used as a quick fix for skin problems or regularly as part of an everyday routine.

CNP ampules strengthen, nourish, and soothe your skin like NO tomorrow. Of course, one time use may not show you results, but constantly using them will definitely improve your skin. (I have already gone through 5 bottles of these babies)

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The Claim

The most popular CNP ampules:

  • Propolis Energy Ampule (for dry/dull-looking skin)

Propolis extract (produced by honey bees) is known for its antioxidant benefits. It nourishes and enhances your skin’s vitality – giving your skin a firm and glowing look. Hyaluronic acid and other ingredients will calm and moisturize sensitive skin by creating a stronger barrier for your skin.

  • Green Propolis Anti-Oxidant Ampule (for thin/weak elasticity skin)

Propolis from this ampule was extracted from Brazilian Green Bee, which is considered to be the world’s best and most effective propolis (a.k.a. powerful antioxidant). It intensively revitalizes and strengthens your skin. Green Bee Propolis also prevents aging and brightens your skin.

  • Mugener Ampule (for sensitive skin)

Snail mucus extract relieves redness, blemishes, and irritated skin. The mucus helps soothe sensitive skin by increasing the skin regeneration rate and by strengthening the skin’s natural barrier against external environment. This ampule also enhances skin hydration to improve skin elasticity.

  • Vita-Solution Whitening Ampule (for darkened skin)

This ampule was specifically made to enhance brightness and create a clear complexion in your skin. Vitamin C is one of the best ingredients to increase the brightness of skin. However, vitamin C lacks oxidation components, which is why they have also added vitamin B3 to stabilize vitamin C as well as soothe any inflammatory skin troubles. Placental protein, which is rich in nutrients, is added to stimulate skin cell renewal in order to improve skin elasticity.

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How to Use:

Generally, ampules are used after your toner. Gently massage 4-5 droplets onto your face. A little goes a long way with these products so use sparingly!

Soak Insider Tip:

During dry winter weather, mix a couple of droplets of ampule with your foundation to keep your skin extra moist. 

Intensify the effects of your face masks by applying your ampule before you put on a mask.


CNP Laboratory’s ampule has strengthened, nourished, and hydrated my skin while giving my skin a glowing, firm, and transparent look. It feels as if the ampule strengthens the foundation of my skin layer, creating a first line of defense to help prevent breakouts and other skin troubles.

CNP Laboratory Ampule Mists

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Image via CNP Laboratory

The Claim

CNP Laboratory mists have won many awards for top mist in Korea. Unlike other face mists, CNP Laboratory mists contain ampules from their own line. The mists help hydrate and then lock in that hydration in your skin. Using the mist in between your skin care routine will help maintain longer lasting moisture and a lustrous texture in your skin.

The mist’s fog-like fine particle spray ensures you won’t be left with mist droplets on your face!

Image via CNP Laboratory

CNP Laboratory Ampule Mist Line

  • Propolis: Dry Skin (perfect for the dry winter season)
  • Mugener: Sensitive Skin (I personally like them for summer season because they’re quite light)
  • Vita: Dull-looking Skin

How to Use:

Mists have a wide variety of uses:

  • As a replacement for your toner
  • When you feel your skin tightening
  • When you want to fix your makeup
  • When you want a moist finish to your makeup
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Results: Mists are usually used to hydrate your skin. However, many brands only have a temporary effect, and you’ll have to constantly use your face mist to keep your skin hydrated. Thankfully, CNP Laboratory’s Ampule Mist line locks in the hydration in my skin with their ampule, so I don’t have to keep face-misting myself!

Soak Insider Tip:

Stock up in the different sizes – large, medium and small. I keep the large one at home, medium size at work, and small size in my purse when I’m on the go.

I sometimes use a face mist to just wake myself up…you can’t really just go to the bathroom and splash cold water on your face without ruining your makeup!

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The Bottom Line:

CNP Laboratory’s products come from their extensive knowledge of the skin and their philosophy of preventing future skin troubles by strengthening your skin with the right ingredients. It’s like having your own dermatologist in a bottle!

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