A Lipstick Junkie’s Heaven – the eSpoir Lipstick NoWear line

eSpoir is one of those K-beauty brands that you probably haven’t heard of much – but should get familiar with ASAP. If you enjoy makeup, especially lipsticks, you will love eSpoir.

eSpoir is an Amore Pacific brand, most known for their lipsticks and foundations. Let’s start by introducing you to their most extensive lipstick line, Lipstick NoWear.

There are 132 colors in the Lipstick NoWear line and an impressive 9 sub-lines:

  • G (glossy)
  • S (semi-matte)
  • M (matte)
  • Luster
  • Signature
  • Trans Fit
  • Live
  • Sheer Balm
  • Rich
  • Lip Topper.

Outside of the regular color selection, eSpoir also comes out with limited edition lipsticks for seasonal collections. The packaging is elegant and sturdy, and most of the finishes have a magnetic closure.

Image via eSpoir

NoWear M was eSpoir’s first big hit and received several awards. The color N.Y Pink took 1st place in a top 5 pink lipsticks blind test in an episode of Get It Beauty, a trend-setting makeup-themed TV program. The NoWear M formula is very soft, light, and not drying. It works well even on very dry lips.

Image via eSpoir

Soak Insider Tip: Check out the color Soho. It’s a very unique pink. And if you’re a fan of bright orange lipsticks, you definitely need to take a look at Stripper.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 12.26.03 PM.png

NoWear S stands for semi-matte, but contrary to its name, it is actually a quite shiny finish.

NoWear G stands for glossy – and it truly is. It makes your lips look juicy and plump.

NoWear Luster gives you what the name promises.

The Signature line was launched in 2016 as a more sophisticated option with the color spectrum focused on reds and nudes. This line was another hit for eSpoir.

Trans Fit is a creamy finish. It was the first line to incorporate more ‘fun’ and bold colors – light lilac, turquoise, purple, and deep navy-blue.

Image via eSpoir

NoWear Live comes in two finishes, Radiant Matte and Moisture Glow, and again we have more traditional colors in the range like reds, deeper nudes, and pinks.

Sheer Balm is again, exactly what the name implies — perfect for those who enjoy just a light wash of color on their lips.

NoWear Rich is another Soak favorite. It is divided into three color sections: the nudes, pinks, and reds. The nudes are especially stunning, and the uber-creamy formula makes them the perfect daily lipstick.

Image via eSpoir

NoWear Lip Toppers are, contrary to their name, not lip toppers but liquid to matte lipsticks. They are amazing quality and come in a variety of beautiful, pigmented shades. If you enjoy liquid lipsticks, make sure to check these out.

Soak Insider Tip: Circus Night and Super Action are especially beautiful.

Image via eSpoir

Last but not least, limited edition Lipstick NoWear M and Rich shades are currently available with the Pink Me Up collection. If pink lipstick is your thing, you should definitely have a little swatch party at eSpoir while they are still available.

Image via eSpoir

Featured Image via eSpoir

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