Jung Saem Mool Beauty Brings the Real Makeup Artist Cred

Jung Saem Mool Beauty is a high-end K-Beauty brand founded by and named after one of the most famous makeup artists in South Korea – Jung Saem Mool. She works with many Hallyu (Korean Wave) stars and is a veteran in the industry – the artist has 29 years of experience behind her (makeup brush) belt.


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The brand’s products are proof of JSM’s expertise in the field – you will not find one bad product in the line. One can feel the artist’s personal touch in everything, from the sophisticated packaging, very much in line with her unique personal style, to the top-notch quality of the products –  it is clear that the brand is her ‘baby’. JSM is very active on all of the brand’s social media. She is the one doing makeup tutorials on models on their YouTube channel, appearing on JSM Beauty’s Instagram, and also posting about the best bits on her private account (so make sure to follow both). The brand is her, she is the brand.

As for her products, there are no flops, so it is safe to shop only based on one’s taste. For those of you who want EVERYTHING (it really is a tough choice), we will introduce you to some of Soak’s favorites.

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One of the most popular products is the Star-cealer Foundation (also Allure editor’s pick). It was created with combination and oily skin types in mind, but it seems to be very popular among people with dry skin. It comes in 5 shades, the lightest being FairLight (17-19 in Korean foundation shade numbers) and the darkest being MediumDeep (23-25), so the shade range is quite inclusive for a K-Beauty brand. If you take a closer look at her makeup tutorials, you will never see her use a mismatched (or too light) foundation – which we absolutely love.

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You can choose between the Refining Eyeshadow Duo, Refining Eyeshadow Triple, or the 8-pan Artist Palettes. All of them are impeccable quality and come in different color variations. If you are into pink and peachy shades, you will love the newest of the Artist Palettes, Bloom and Petal – it contains 4 soft and very pigmented mattes and 4 beautiful shimmers.

Image via JSM Beauty

Image via JSM Beauty


If you feel like more interesting and adventurous color combinations, you should take a look at the Refining Eyeshadow Triples (but the monochromatic ones are just as gorgeous). The formulation is one of the best in K-Beauty and is very much worth the price tag.

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The brand has many products to choose from, but in the era of highlighters, isn’t that what we love to buy the most? The Artist Glow Touch marbled highlighters are beautiful to look at – both in the minimalist packaging and on your face. The plastic container feels very sturdy, so you will definitely feel like you are getting your money’s worth, and the product is butter-soft and, again, very pigmented. Really, the only time you will find lighter pigmentation in the brand’s offer is when a product is meant for more subtle looks.

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The brand has many gorgeous lip products in its offer, different finishes, and lots of fun colors (turquoise and purple? check!), but here at Soak we just can’t get enough of the High Tinted Lip Lacquer Hyper Matte. This is one of the best liquid to matte lipsticks on the market, and when comparing them to hits from western beauty brands, you will not be disappointed. Even with lip gloss slowly overthrowing matte lipsticks, make sure to take a look at this line. As with everything the brand offers, the packaging is extremely classy. Two out of the three new colors from the 2018 S/S collection are absolutely neon and are perfect for a more editorial look, but if you are looking for something more classic, you are covered as well.

Soak Insider Tip: Red Made is the best red lipstick to ever exist.

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If you are in Seoul, be sure to drop by the brand’s flagship store in the popular Garosu-gil area in Sinsa-dong. It is a piece of art, like the brand itself.

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