Brand Spotlight: Pony Effect is Beauty with an Edge

When people think of K-Beauty, they tend to think of subdued colors and a light, natural look. However, there’s one brand that strives to be different from the rest – Pony Effect! Created by self-taught celebrity makeup artist Pony in 2015, Pony Effect has since become a force to be reckoned with, even inspiring famous Western brands with her innovative products!

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Pony, aka Hye-Min Park, hit the scene in 2008, growing in popularity with her makeup-related posts on Korean social media site “Cyworld” and gaining further traction with her celebrity imitation makeup and daily looks on YouTube.

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She began releasing products in collaboration with K-Beauty brand Memebox in 2014 and even worked as world-traveling makeup artist for K-Pop idol CL of 2NE1 fame! She has always enjoyed art, having majored in graphic design in university, and her dedication to her craft and attention to detail was made clear in 2015 upon the launch of her brand Pony Effect.

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Unlike the cutesy, simplistic feel of a lot of K-Beauty products at the time, Pony Effect set itself apart from the competition with an edgier, more modern approach. Combining matte and holographic finishes and bright, bold colors and imagery not commonly used in K-Beauty, Pony Effect quickly established itself as a must-have for every makeup consumer.

Base Products

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Famous for her flawless glowy complexion, it’s no surprise that Pony would host top-notch foundation and base makeup products in her line. If you’re into the famous K-Beauty glow, the Radiance Glow Hydrating Starter is a great primer to turn even the most matte of foundations into a dewy dream.

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If you have oily skin and looking matte is more your thing, the Ultimate Prep Primer – Moisture & Sebum Control is for you! It moisturizes your skin to prevent the production of excess oil, giving you a smooth, matte finish without drying you out.

Color Products

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While there are a few K-Beauty lip palettes out there from brands like Espoir and VDL, the Pony Effect Customizing Lip Palette is a product never-before-seen in the K-Beauty industry.

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Boasting 5 base colors and 5 transforming colors, as well as a painter’s palette-like grip, this product can be used by both makeup artists and your average consumer alike to create and customize an unlimited amount of unique lip colors.

Makeup Tools

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As a makeup artist, Pony is no stranger to the many tools of the trade. She has a permanent line of brushes for all uses (magnetic for easy display) and periodically releases limited edition sets in bright, avant-garde colors.

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Another popular item is the Pebble Blender. Available in two unique pastel colors, it has a flat edge to help you get into the hard to reach contours of your face, leaving you with an even finish!

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It’s not often you’ll find a K-Beauty brand that carries such a wide-range of colors from most neutral nudes to the boldest of blues and purples. Even if already find yourself with all the makeup staples you think you could possibly need, Pony Effect’s fresh outlook on beauty has your inner artist covered!


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Featured Image via The Korea Herald


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