How to Transition Your Skin Care from Winter to Spring

It’s finally warming up and we’re celebrating the changing season!

How are you preparing for it? If you’ve begun to put away your heavier sweaters and shearling boots, that’s definitely a start! But are you preparing to transition your skincare for Spring, too?

You should, and can! And I have just the tips to help you get started for the beginning of this reinvigorated, new season.

Keep Exfoliating (but Not as Much)

Exfoliating your skin works well both in the coldest months and when it starts warming up!

When it’s Winter, we’re exfoliating away dry skin that’s due to the dry, cold weather. But when Spring rolls around, exfoliating can still be important to start up and maintain bright skin that has been dulled by harsh Winter weather.

It also helps unclog pores, something that’s more likely to happen as the days become warmer (and our skin becomes more oily and dirty).

Switch Out Your Cleanser

This step is optional, but maybe you’ve used a thicker, more moisturizing cleanse during the winter months so your skin could be extra moisturized. But Spring is the time to lighten the load!

There are plenty of lighter, yet still effective, gentle, and moisturizing cleansers out there for you to use so your face can breathe easier.

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Switch to a Lighter Moisturizer

This is similar to using a lighter cleanser, except it’s more advised than the cleanser tip.

Why weigh down your face with product when it’s not begging for moisture anymore? It’s time to switch to something lighter than the heavy, substantial creams you’ve used in the past.

Use a Lighter Foundation

Again! No need for heavier, fuller coverage foundations when you can go with something lighter.

This isn’t necessarily a skincare tip unless your switch-up involved something like a tinted moisturizer, CC cream, or BB cream. Then you can nourish your skin as you simultaneously even it out.

You may also need to change the foundation color a shade or two (or more!) darker as the seasons continue to change, to account for any sun-kissed tan that may occur.

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SPF is Even More Important Now

Protecting your skin from the sun’s rays is important any time of the year, but now that you’re more-than-likely going to spend more time outdoors it’s time to amp up the SPF!

Be sure to wear SPF under your facial products and reapply when necessary.


Drinking plenty of water helps you from the inside out. So be sure to stay hydrated to not only help your organs but your skin as well.

You’ll probably be more active as it warms up, so this is a reminder to take care of yourself and drink your water throughout the day!

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Spring Clean Your Products

The final tip I have for you is to go through the products you stowed away before Winter came about. Now that you’re bringing back the lighter products for Spring, this is an awesome time to actually do some Spring cleaning!

What products have expired? Are there any products you honestly aren’t going to use and can give away?

Really sift through what you have so you can start fresh this Spring.

It truly feels like we’re coming out of hibernation when the sun’s out longer, birds start chirping, and we can finally leave the house without bundling up. So now’s the time to prepare for some great seasons ahead now!

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