Meet Korea’s Favorite Lip Tint: Comparing the Peripera Ink Tints

Peripera, an offshoot of popular road shop brand Clio in Korea, has taken over the lip tint market with its affordable prices (₩9,000/$9 USD) and such long-lasting formulas that some even bemoan the difficulty of removing them. While a Korean lip tint might be synonymous with the lip gradient look, don’t let that stop you from trying it out! Since its inception, Peripera has deepened its Ink Tint range to 6 lines with different textures, color ranges, and finishes. From vibrant popsicle-kissed lips to luscious velvety lips, there’s probably something for everyone. Read on to see how the 6 lines compare.

Ink Original



The OG lip tint inspired by ink goes hand and in hand with the quintessential Korean lip gradient look. It’s meant to function like a tattoo for your lips and stays put well into its 8th hour (see above). Coming in 5 vibrant spring-summery colors, they’re the standard range of corals and pinks in line with the typical Korean lip gradient look.

Good for: Bright, vivid popsicle-stained lips

Pigmentation: 4/5

Staying Power: 4/5

Ink Velvet




The Ink Velvet is one of Peripera’s most popular lines, hence the greater variety of shades, including darker and more nude shades to appeal to an international crowd. These are the most pigmented in the range and dry to a semi-matte finish (blot residual glossiness to remove shine). The tint fades eventually, but since it possesses the strongest staying power of the Ink tints, it leaves an intense but flattering gradation.

Good for: Bold red lips (the reds are particularly opaque). Low maintenance long-lasting stain.

Pigmentation: 5/5

Staying Power: 5/5

Popular Colors: #2 So Grapefruit, #3 Inkrush Orange, #14 Beauty Peak Rose

Ink Airy Velvet

Image via Peripera


Winner of the 2017 Allure Best of Beauty award, the Airy Velvet’s creamy, light-as-air formula is ideal for comfort. It’s one of the more transferable tints, but its intensely spreadable application coats very evenly, essential for a nice fade to a patch-less stain. The finish is a bit wetter than the Velvet and can be finicky when figuring out its application, so dab and apply deliberately. It’s also the other majorly popular line with its wide range of shades. Its host of wearable MLBB shades as well as the overall lighter pigmentation make the Airy Velvet particularly suitable for everyday looks.

Good for: Everyday use. More muted tones. Soft gradient lip.

Pigmentation: 3/5

Staying Power: 3/5

Popular Colors: #1 Heart Grapefruit, #5 Light Rose, #6 It Brown Orange, #15 Bright Plum

Ink Cloud Velvet

Image via Peripera


Popular Korean beauty website Powder Room top tint winner, the Ink Cloud Velvet line combines intense pigmentation with the most matte finish of the Ink tints. Though initial application can come across strong in color, the Cloud Velvet tints have moderate staying power, eventually fading to a soft, mild gradation. Ultimately, the Cloud Velvet line is a good go-between for your everyday lip product if you’re looking for certain attributes not present in the more popular Velvet and Airy Velvet lines.

Good for: Matte, almost powdery finish.

Pigmentation: 5/5

Staying Power: 4/5

Most Popular Color: #2 Heart Red Orange, #5 Redish Rose

Ink Moist



The Ink Moist goes full force towards lip gloss territory with its wet finish. Coming in 5 intensely bright colors, initial application can be near fluorescent, so a dramatic gradient works well with this tint.

Good for: A wet, lip gloss finish. Dramatic gradation for the lip gradient look.

Pigmentation: 3/5

Staying Power: 3/5

Popular Colors: #1 꽁냥꽁냥냥, #3 입술깡패

Ink Gelato


The Ink Gelato line, Peripera’s most recent release, debuts a new slimmer set of lip tint bottles. The name’s a bit of an enigma when it comes to describing what exactly makes it what it is. However, it’s a mixture of a gel stain and a velvet tint, meaning its texture is hydrating and velvety while also having a clear, gel like application. Rather than a true gradient, the Ink Gelato looks best in a near full lip with the edges naturally softening as if melting away.

Good for: A cool toned lip. Soft, blurred lips.

Pigmentation: 4/5

Staying Power: 5/5

Which tint will you be rocking this summer?

All images via Peripera

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