LabNo: What is this K-Beauty Brand Saying “No” to?

The “No” in LabNo’s brand name isn’t short for anything. It’s literally a big fat “No” to skincare practices LabNo has deemed unhealthy – namely the shortcuts companies take in developing products. The “No” encapsulates their uncompromising commitment to transparency and good ingredients.

So what are they saying “No” to exactly?

  • the 20 ingredients you should avoid according to bestselling Korean book “The Secret of Korean Cosmetics”
  • the ingredients Environmental Working Group (EWG) have deemed moderate to high hazard

Now, whether a complete blanket approach to avoiding these ingredients is necessary is up for debate. However, LabNo is a great worry-free option for those with sensitive skin or those on the lookout for Korean products with a nearly guaranteed set of gentle ingredients.

LabNo is still an emerging beauty brand in Korea, but several products have gained the stamp of approval from notable Korean magazines Marie Claire and Allure and top Korean beauty guru Director Pi. Read on for LabNo’s most popular and best-selling products.

Best LabNo Products

Lifted Idebenone Serum

Image via LabNo

Backed by Korea Allure and Director Pi, the Lifted Idebenone Serum claims to be “better than a facelift”. Its star ingredient is idebenone, a powerful antioxidant touted by some to be the next cutting-edge anti-aging ingredient. Idebenone is known to prevent free radical damage a.k.a. improve fine wrinkles, smooth skin, and keep skin taut and toned. It also contains Andes rose hip, a natural source of retinol and vitamin A, to smooth fine lines and tighten skin externally.

Solutions for:

  • Fine lines
  • Anti-aging

LabNo Lifted Idebenone Serum, 50ml ₩26,250 or $35

Soak Insider Tip: The Lifted line as a whole is worth checking out for anti-aging products.

Image via LabNo Instagram

4SP Safe BB Cushion [SPF35/PA+++]

Image via LabNo

Backed by Marie Claire Korea and gushed about by Director Pi as a rare PEG-free cushion, this hypoallergenic cushion also includes a physical sunscreen base. Application is smooth and easy, and coverage is light and suited for those going for the natural look. Though not the best when it comes to darkening or caking, it’s your best bet when it comes to a BB cushion with worry-free ingredients.

LabNo 4SP Safe BB Cushion, 50ml ₩21,000 or $20

Cicaloe Relief Sun Milk [SPF50/PA++++]

Image via LabNo

Featured on Soak’s Best Korean Sunscreens 2018 for a reason, this sunscreen boasts top notch staying power and is truly waterproof. Though a physical sunscreen, it has little to no white cast and is overall an excellent choice for a gentle product that ticks a lot of the boxes for an effective but wearable sunscreen.

LabNo Cicaloe Relief Sun Milk [SPF50+/PA++++], 50 ml 24,000 or $30

4SP Safe Lip Balm

Image via LabNo

This is the top ranked product for LabNo on Hwahae, popular Korean cosmetic analysis app. Korean consumers praise its uber moisturizing properties while still having a smooth, not too shiny finish that works excellently under a lipstick. Users also like the light lemony fragrance.

LabNo 4SP Safe Lip Balm, 50 ml ₩8,000 or $9

Image via LabNo Instagram

Featured Image via LabNo Instagram

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