Etude House’s Active Proof Line is Your Answer to a Sweatproof Look

With summer in full force, Etude House has launched its Active Proof line – a collection of 9 products intended to combat summer’s biggest offenders to makeup – heat, sweat, and sun rays. Some are the sort of novelty items made for you to tote to the beach, but some are worth checking out as a heavy-duty, long-lasting product made to withstand heat and activity outdoors. All the products are handy, portable sizes making them perfect to keep by your side as you go through your day’s activities.


Active Proof Liquid Fitting Base SPF50+/PA++++

Image via Etude House

Not quite as heavy as a foundation, the Liquid Fitting Base is more about performance under hot conditions. Both waterproof and UV blocking, this base has a lightweight, more watery texture that makes it a comfortable but effective shield for hot summer rays.

Active Proof Aqua Cooling Sun Water

Image via Etude House

The Aqua Cooling Sun Water is a good alternative to cooling mists for the summer. The UV-blocking water comes out completely clear from its soft sponge top. Dab lightly on skin as a last step in your makeup routine and keep handy for use throughout the day to cool down and refresh. Its also formulated with calendula extract for moisturized and clear skin.

Active Proof Shield Wear Color Tint

Image via Etude House

The Shield Wear Color Tints come in three vibrant colors with silky, matte finishes for use on the lips and cheeks. It claims to repel water making it possible for dips in the water. For extra long wear, after applying the tint, wait 30 seconds, and then layer again.

Active Proof Cool Down Soothing Gel

Image via Etude House

The Cool Down Soothing Gel is formulated with aloe, white tea extract, broccoli extract and mandarin orange oil for their natural cooling properties. Made with gentle ingredients, apply wherever necessary from face to arms to legs to cool or sooth sun-kissed skin. Store in the refrigerator beforehand for extra cooling sensation.

Flyaway Hair Fixing Cara

Image via Etude House

The Flyaway Hair Fixing Cara is a completely clear product made to keep pesky flyaways or baby hairs in place – perfect for a slick updo. Comb the mascara-like wand through troublesome areas of your hair and lightly flatten with your hands for your desired hair texture.

Active Proof Silky Glide Sunstick SPF50+/PA++++

Image via Etude House

This cute little surfboard is a mini sunstick designed to give your skin a silky, smooth finish. It won’t leave you with a greasy shine and there’s no stickiness upon application. Apply atop your makeup and reapply throughout the day.

Active Proof Brow & Hair Drawing Tip

Image via Etude House

The first product of the line to sell out, the Brow & Hair Drawing Tip claims to last you the whole day and is even waterproof too. It features a soft brush tip also suited for filling in your hairline to achieve a slimmer face.

Active Proof Icing Cooler

Image via Etude House

The Icing Cooler is built with a nifty handle to glide across your face and body for a refreshing a massage. Store in the fridge 30 minutes beforehand and for extra cooling, use alongside the soothing gel.

Active Proof All Over Refreshing Shower Tissue

Image via Etude House

The All Over Refreshing Shower Tissue is formulated with apple mint, peppermint, and spearmint for an extra tingly fresh feeling.

Featured Image via Etude House


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