3 Ways to Get Your Fitness Back on Track

Got off track of New Year’s resolutions already? Don’t feel discouraged! It’s never too late to restart! Believe it or not, building the foundation for exercise is more important than diving into the “fitness” process right away. Inner beauty comes first!

Step 1: Clean your Palette


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To really restart, I would recommend going on a cleanse for a week. This allows your body to flush out your gut and excrete all the toxins. The water fast is the most effective way, but there are also juice and smoothie alternatives. It might be tough for the first couple of days, but you will be amazed at how the body adapts! I did a water fast for three days and smoothies for the remaining four days. My body felt lighter, and I never felt groggy throughout the day.

Step 2: Restore


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After your body is cleansed, it is time to put the good stuff back in. It is important not to overeat when you are easing back into real food after the cleanse. If you have completed the water cleanse, I would start off with juices and smoothies, but if you have been doing an alternative cleanse, foods that are easy on the stomach (e.g. oatmeal) are a good start. Steer clear of fried and processed foods! The rule of thumb is to create meals with produce in their whole form.

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Select produce you already enjoy eating and create simple recipes out of them. My staple foods are bananas and sweet potatoes! I add two bananas in a blender with a dash of barley, grass juice, powder, and water. For sweet potatoes, I chop them up, sprinkle on some spices, and pop them in the oven.

Step 3: Exercise


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Once the first two steps have been completed, you will feel a boost of energy! Now that you’ve cleansed and restored your body from the inside, it’s time to build that fit physique. Generally, working out 30 minutes to an hour every day is the healthiest. However, most of us don’t have the time to fit in exercise every day, but putting aside time at least 3 times a week is crucial. Everybody has a different definition of being “fit.” Whether it is as simple as running on the treadmill or as challenging as taking crossfit classes, getting your body moving and hydrated is the most important.

Soak Insider Tip:

Anyone can do these steps, but remember CONSISTENCY is KEY to achieving the results you want! I’m the type who needs motivation or accountability, so I signed up for yoga classes. It was easier for me because it was in a group setting with an instructor to guide the exercises.

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