Brand Spotlight: Laneige Skin Cream Line Keeps Your Skin Hydrated

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No one has perfect skin. So, we need to put a little effort into making it look healthy and bright. But there is one thing that is crucial in your daily Korean skincare – hydration. Keeps your skin hydrated is essential because it prevents irritation and maintains healthy skin cells. So, you can preserve your youth longer.

Who can know more about the importance of hydration than Laneige company, which positions itself as “Moisture Expert”? This brand has won the hearts of many women throughout the world through its magical hydrating products. Having as a motto “Be Waterfull Everyday with Laneige,” the brand propel moisturizing to new heights with offering “waterfull” products to make your complexion radiant and dewy.

Sometimes, it’s so complicated to find effective moisturizing beauty products. We know it pretty well. But believe us, the Laneige Skin Cream collection won’t let you down. Let’s find out how did it take the industry by the storm!

Image via Laneige

Cream Skin Milk Oil Cleanser

This low in pH milky cleanser can be a perfect first step in your everyday moisturizing routine. It tenderly takes care of your skin while melting away makeup and dead skins. Due to new milk oil formation, it makes your skin hydrating and less oily.

With this gentle cleanser, you’ll forget about skin tightness and roughness after washing your face because it cleans and hydrates. Besides, you won’t need emulsification anymore since Milk Oil Cleanser doesn’t harm your skin cells.

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How to Use Cream Skin Milk Oil Cleanser:

1. Pump an adequate amount of cleanser 

2. Gently massage your face

3. Cleanse your face one more time

Soak Insider Tip: skip double cleansing if you want to preserve better moisturizing effect.

Cream Skin Refiner

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If you want to follow the trends and have cream skin, Laneige Refiner is what you need! Laneige Refiner is a new Korean Cream Skin trend that makes women go crazy all around the world. It is a magical wound that helps reach cream skin effect, which is a trend of 2020.

This organic skincare product is a hybrid of a toner and moisturizer. It tries hard to keep your skin hydrated and healthy with the help of mild and safe ingredients. Cream Skin Refiner is suitable for any skin type. Just put it on your face, and as a result, your skin is soft, dewy, and slightly shiny!

How to use Cream Skin Refiner

1. After cleansing your face, pour a few drops on your hands 

2. Pad Refiner on your skin

Cream Skin Quick Skin Pack

Quick Skin Pack treats your skin gently but still moisturizes it deeply. The Skin Pack combats tightness and dryness, making your skin soft and smooth in only two minutes. Since this fantastic product consists of glycerin, white leaf team water, and vitamin E, it also nourishes your skin with useful nutrients.

Skin Pack is made of tencel, and so it tightly fits skin to have a better effect, and in such a way, it boosts the skin’s natural protection, improves its structure, and hydrates it.

Just apply it on your face, wait 2 minutes, and voila, your skin shines with health! 

 How to use Cream Skin Quick Skin Pack

1. With the help of an applicator, take out as many tencel sheets as needed

2. Apply to dry areas such as the forehead, chin, or cheeks

3. After 2 minutes, remove sheets

4. Dab your skin starting with the center of your face for better absorption

Soak Insider Tip: You can use it as a lip pack. It’ll make your lips soft and moist.

Cream Skin Refiner Mist

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For finishing your deep hydration skincare routine, Refiner Mist is a perfect choice. Learning its nuts and bolts, it becomes clear that it’s an easy instrument to make your skin moisturized without any clumps and skin irritation, and the result will last for about 12 hours.

This mist is genuinely beneficial for your complexion because of its antioxidant effect and ability to strengthen epidermis to hold up negative factors produced by the environment. It comforts your skin with a bunch of safe and healthy nutrients. So, Refiner Mist is an easy and fast way to moisturize your skin at any time and any place for you to look fantastic!

How to use Cream Skin Refiner Mist

1. Spray the mist onto your face from about a 20-30 cm distance and don’t forget to close your eyes

Enjoy the effect!

The Laneige Cream Skin collection is a mediator to the enticing world of natural beauty. Its products minimize efforts spent on a daily skincare routine, but the outcome evokes a wow effect. No doubts, this line is a genuine rock-star in K-beauty indistinct you must try in 2020!

Featured Image via Laneige

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