Tamburins vs. Toun28: Ecofriendly Korean Hand Cream Brands

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People usually take care of their facial skin but tend to forget to pay attention to their hands. Your hands consist of thin tender skin that is prone to irritation due to external factors. Your hands can look rough and old without nourishment and care. 

How to get soft hands? The answer is simple: pay attention to Korean organic hand creams. Tamburins and Tout28 are outstanding figures in the world of Asian beauty. Let’s find out why.

Tamburins: The Queen of Style

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If you’re looking for the best hand cream brands, Tamburins is what you need. This K-beauty brand will leave you in awe. Despite being eco-friendly, Tamburins’ hand creams look more like an accessory than a tube of cream, while treating your hands gently and making them soft.

Design of Tamburins:

These hand creams immediately catch your eye. The copper-colored lid and the slender chain is something every fashionista should have in their bag. Thanks to the chain, you don’t have to worry about losing the cap of your cream. Its pocket-size design perfectly suits your hand so you can carry it with you while keeping your hands moisturized.

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The Aroma of Tamburins:

Tamburins environmentally friendly products have that particular sweet yet spicy scent. This hand cream comes in a wide range of fragrances that will enchant everyone! Scents include floral, wood, or coconut scents as well that leaves a light elegant after tone on your skin after applying it.

How does Tamburins work on your skin? 

Tamburins hand creams strengthen your skin barrier, leaving your skin soft and velvety. This Korean hand cream has no harmful ingredients, making it ideal for people with sensitive skin. Its active components, such as vegetable oil, deeply moisturize your hands, while macadamia seed oil lets the cream quickly penetrate your skin due to the similar structure. It helps you to get soft hands without it feeling sticky.

Toun28: The Queen of Sustainability

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Toun28 is what your hands deserve. It’s one of the best organic skincare brands that have a sustainable approach to skincare. The brand’s philosophy is all about “slow beauty,” which lies in seeking ethical, ecological, and sustainable ingredients in beauty products. This 95% organic Korean hand cream treats your hands with tenderness, and it effectively takes care of your hands, making them silky and hydrated.

Design of Toun28:

It’s peculiar that Toun28 makes the same design for almost all its products. And all they are covered with biodegradable paper to reduce plastic usage so you don’t have to worry about a negative effect on the environment. Its recycling paper package still contains a plastic cup, but this Korean hand cream brand works on this problem to replace it with a metal one.

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The Aroma of Toun28: 

Toun28 does not emit any distinct fragrance as it doesn’t consist of any artificial colorants, surfactants, and preservatives. It’s even good for children. Hence, despite the skin types, you may confidently apply it on your hands!

How does Toun28 work work on your skin

Since Toun28 relies on predictive data analysis and nature, it manages to create a specific formula for its beauty products that contain 90% of raw ingredients and only 10% of containers. All the ingredients are organic and tested with scientific methods to know what’s best for your skin. Therefore, it deeply nourishes your hands and even protects them from external irritations. Your skin easily absorbs its light texture so you can instantly enjoy the softness it gives to your hands!

So which one brand do you prefer?

As you’ve noticed, both brands are worthy of being regular guests in your bag. But you may define which you like more: elegant and fashionable Taburines hand cream or fully-devoted to the “slow fashin’ Toun28. But you know what? Don’t decide which one. Take ’em both!

Featured image via Tamburins

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