CNP’s A-Clean and Dual-Balance Lines Are What Oily Skin Needs

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Your skin deserves the best treatment. You know that well, and so does CNP Dermatology. This truly unique and high-profile brand is what we can call the talk of the town. CNP is well aware of the importance of after-treatment care at home. That’s why it offers a great deal of K-beauty products to address skin issues and make your skin pure and bright. 

By producing pharmaceutical-level cosmetics, CNP gets by the storm’s K-beauty industry, so it will do with your heart! 

Let’s dive deeper into CNP’s phenomenon with its popular cosmetic lines in collaboration with IU: A-Clean and Dual Balance.

A-Clean Line

A-Clean Anti-Blemish Treatment

This treatment gel from a new CNP collection aims to gently soothe and protect your vulnerable skin from external irritations. With the help of Madecassoside, Betaine Salicylate, and Centella Asiatica extracts, it regulates oil and sebum production and decreases redness and inflammation. So, skin gratefully accepts such intensive care and looks fantastic! 

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How to Use Anti-Blemish Treatment:

Take a small amount of the product and lightly tap it in problem areas.

A-Clean Purifying Foaming Cleanser

What can be more essential for you to skin than cleansing? But how to cleanse it without dryness and irritation as an aftermath? CNP answers you by stating that its Purifying Foaming Cleanser is what you are looking for. The Salicylic Acid in this product is great for acne and, at the same time, tender treatment for your sensitive skin. It gently melts away all the dirt from pores and exfoliates dead skin cells without ruining your skin’s pH level. With this Foaming Cleaner, you’ll forget about irritated and dry skin!

How to Use Purifying Foaming Cleanser:

Before using it, ensure that your skin is makeup free. Lather a small amount of cleanser between your palms and massage it onto your face. Rinse thoroughly. 

A-Clean Active Freshner Toner

If you seek a toner that will hydrate, soothe, protect your skin from inflammations, and make it less oily, CNP provides you with a new A-Clean Toner. This alcohol free toner for sensitive skin not only protects pH but regulates sebum secretion and maintains moisture balance. And no worries! This acne treatment removes bacteria with Salicylic Acid. This toner will leave a hydrating effect on your skin providing relief from dryness. 

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How to Use Active Freshner Toner:
Spray the toner evenly on your face right after cleansing and tap it for better absorption. 

A-Clean All Control Moisturizer

You’ll look awesome with well-hydrated skin! So, don’t forget to moisturize it even if it tends to be oily. A-Clean Moisturizer perfectly suits oily skin as it efficiently controls sebum production. Without CNP’s peculiar Patented Anti-Irritant Complex formula, this dry skin moisturizer maintains the skin barrier and gives a slightly matte effect soothing blemishes. And Zinc PCA still keeps your skin hydrated. Use All Control Moisturizer to keep your skin moisturized without oily blemishes!

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How to Use All Control Moisturizer:
Apply a small amount of moisturizer on to your face massaging it in circular motion avoiding areas near eyes. 

Double-Balance Line

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Dual-Balance Waterlock Moist Cream

Waterlock Moist Cream is a hydrating yet lightweight cream. It intensely moisturizes both the U-Zone and T-Zone on face, reducing oil and sebum production. Vitamin E and CNP’s Anti-Irritant Complex help both protect sensitive skin from irritations and soothe it. Due to light texture, your skin can breathe, and you should not worry about possible stickiness since Glycerin, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract prevent the cream from being sticky or heavy. Enjoy your soft and well-hydrated skin with Waterlock Moist Cream!

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How to Use Waterlock Moist Cream:

Apply the cream on your face massaging it but avoid the eye zones.

Dual-Balance Waterlock T/U Serum

This CNP’s Serum works well for your T-Zone and U-Zone with regulating oil and sebum production. It also protects your skin from irritations strengthening its natural defense, maintaining its health and moisture. Melting away oil, this Serum helps get rid of dirt and dust that accumulate on the skin. So, if your skin looks dull and fatigued, this Serum will imbue it with energy and health!

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How to Use Waterlock T/U Serum:

Apply the Serum on your face and gently massage it avoiding areas around the eyes.

Dual-Balance Anti Oily Toner

Boost moisture balance in the skin with this Anti Oily Toner. Thanks to CNP’s Patented Moist Pump Complex, it keeps your skin moisturized and healthy. At the same time, the toner refines well skin structure and endows your face with a dewy appearance. And its anti-oily and anti-inflammatory effect will strengthen, protect, and restore your skin.

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How to Use Anti Oily Toner:

Spray the toner on your face and gently pat its texture into your skin. 

Regulate Skin Oil With CNP’s Anti-Oil Lines! 

It’s wrong to think that oily skin does not need to be moisturized. Any skin type needs to be hydrated to be able to protect itself from irritations and sustain its natural health. But sensitive skin can be too vulnerable for specific components. With CNP’s A-Line and Dual-Balance, you should not worry that your skin will be dry or dull. It suits sensitive and oily skin and gives them the second breath and strength to protect itself from external irritation!

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