Everything You Need to Know About Toun28’s Skincare Collection

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Toun28 is a truly unique brand in the niche of K-beauty supply. It’s a one of a kind brand that offers natural and organic skincare products while following ethical and sustainable philosophies. To help your skin look and feel its best, Toun28 uses only natural and sustainable ingredients. They also have 100% fully recyclable packaging – so no need to worry about any negative impacts on the environment. We also totally love that Toun28 is suitable for not only adults, but is even gentle enough for children to use. That’s how much they take natural skincare seriously!

This fantastic brand offers the best organic skincare line. Let’s take a look at more Toun28’s vegan-formulated products!

Toun28 Sunscreen Creams

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It’s no wonder that Toun28 won the LoHB’s best sunscreen title, since it’s entirely organic and allergen-free. This sunscreen not only protects from UV rays, but also from the blue lights from electronic devices, which speeds up skin aging. With Toun28’s sunscreen, your skin will be safe and sound without any sticky or oily shine.  

No need to look for any ordinary sunscreen when Toun28’s is the best and most substantial UV protector for your skin out there!

Toun28 Hand Sanitizer

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What can be more useful in the fight against germs than a pocket-size hand sanitizing gel? This must-have gel  is exclusively made of organic and natural ingredients! Toun28’s Hand Sanitizer  not only cleans your hands but also moisturizes them. Edible ethanol fermented from grains is used to make this organic product, so, the entire family, including kids, can use it. You don’t have to wait until it is absorbs since it dries within several seconds. If you can’t wash your hands on the go, use Toun28’s Hand Sanitizer to keep your skin clean  and refreshed!

Toun28 Personalized Body Care Lotions

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Is intensive skincare only for your face? Unfortunately, dryness, wrinkles, and poor elasticity also occurs on your body. Let’s not forget about body care! To better nourish your body, get yourself some of the sustainable Toun28 body care products. 

These lotions deeply moisturize your skin and enhance its elasticity. Natural ingredients such as berry oil, apples, tomatoes, and betaine gently fill your skin with nutrients and moisture. You can use it anytime and during any season and the effect on your skin will be the same: amazing! The body care line includes: Water Blanc, Green Vanilla, or Rose Blooming scented body lotions; and you won’t regret purchasing any of these! 

Toun28 Lips Care

The gentle skin on your lips deserves only the purest ingredients, especially because many products on your lips ultimately end up in your mouth. Toun28 lip balms consist of only edible ingredients, so you can confidently apply it without worrying about what chemicals you’re ingesting. Toun28’s lip care product is the only balm that is 100% edible – that is how high their standards are! They’re so dedicated to upholding these standards that the CEO eats it to make sure it’s safe for all people, including sensitive children!

This sustainable Korean brand uses Cacao Seed Butter, Sunflower Seed Oil, and Vanilla Fruit or Peach extracts that moisturizes and nourishes your lips slowly but surely. It has a light texture, which lets your skin breathe. Toun28 cares about and caters to the customers who prefer light fragrances. You can choose one with a vanilla fragrance or without any scent at all. 

Toun28 Body Wash Soaps

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Another product unique to Toun28 is their body wash soaps. The brand has analyzed large data referencing more than 20,000 skin types and figured out how specific ingredients and temperature affect them to make these soaps. Since the skin on your body is equally important as the skin on your face, these soaps, which are made of healthy raw materials, provide the best care. 

There is a great variety of Toun28 soaps, and each of them has a particular function. The S23 Wasabi Menthol soap gives a refreshing effect, S22 Grapefruit Oil enhances skin elasticity, and Yeast Bean Shell fills the skin with moisture. If you cannot choose one, try them all!

Toun28 Face Wash Soaps

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Since facial skin is more sensitive than the body skin, this organic brand also offers face soaps. Let’s look at some of them more closely.

The S1 Rosehip Oil Shea Butter Weakly Acidic soap is perfect for dry and sensitive skin because its ingredients have a deep moisturizing effect. The beta carotene and lycopene components of rosehip oil are deeply absorbed into your skin and build a barrier to minimize skin irritation. The S2 Vitamin Oil Lean Seed Oil soap gently washes your skin and nourishes it with Vitamin C and Omega 3 from the of sea buckthorn and Alpha-linolenic acid. The S3 Calamine Hyaluronic Acid soap is good for oily skin. It softly removes waste from your skin and moisturizes it with hyaluronic acid. These are just a few of the many Toun28 face soaps, so you’ll definitely be able to find one for your skin needs!

Toun28 Solutions

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Toun28 offers you a definite solution to end your long-term skin worries. These solution ampoules provide the skin with the essential nutrients such as Vitamin C, Keratin, Centella Asiatica ingredients, which nourish, brighten, and enhance the texture of your skin. Multi-hyaluronic acid extracts fill your skin with moisture and help it enhance the protection barriers from irritants. Just tap the solution onto your skin twice a day and enjoy the wonderful results!

Toun28 Hand Creams

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Did you know that the skin on the back of your hands is even thinner and softer than on your face? A golden rule is to take care of your hands equally as much as you do for your  face. Toun28’s organic Hand Creams are suitable even for the most sensitive, thinnest skin. With the help of organic raw ingredients, Toun28 creams soften, moisturize, and protect your hands from daily irritants. We recommend you to read our article about Toun28 hand creams to learn more!

Toun28 pH Skin Balancer Toner

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To supplement your face cleansing routine, the Toun28 pH Balancer is the perfect choice for aftercare. This toner increases the pH level of your skin, making it healthy and protecting it from irritants. It provides a  strong defense against bacteria and pollutants and active components . It works immediately after usage, so you instantly can feel your skin become soothed and moisturized. All you need to do is dab the pH balancer all over your face and neck and pat lightly for better absorption right after cleansing.

Toun28 is strongly committed to treating your skin with the best available ingredients to see genuine results while simultaneously caring for our environment. Their philosophy is – if you can eat it, you can put it on your skin. Let’s support their cause towards eco-friendly and sustainable beauty practices!   

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