5 Best Korean Acne Patches: “Don’t Touch, Just Patch!”

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Let’s face it – none of us is born with perfect skin. It’s normal to be getting occasional pimples here and there.

That said, we don’t want to let them take over our lives and ruin our confidence. This is where the K-beauty innovation known as ‘pimple patches’ comes to rescue. These acne patches help get rid of pimples without causing any damage to the skin (yes, we’re throwing shade on pimple picking which we’re all guilty of).

All that’s required from you is to place the patch on top of a pimple before you go to bed, wake up, and go on with your day feeling like a million dollars. Not too shabby for a small piece of fabric, right?

How do acne patches work? The technology behind them is very straightforward: made from hydrocolloid – a squishy material often found in wound healing bandages – they absorb fluid from your pimple and flatten out the skin underneath. When combined with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide that weed out your whiteheads and breakouts, the stickers leave your skin with no signs of inflation. They basically do their magic while you have vivid dreams during REM sleep.

Also, they are entirely biodegradable. YAY for the environment.

Now that you are hooked on the concept, you might be wondering – which ones should I get? Our team at Soak has got you covered. Scroll through our top 5 picks and thank us in the comments later.

Catch Me Patch

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We’re kicking this list off with a fun number that helps achieve that pimple-free look overnight. Coming in a pack of 60, these patches have two sizes that are handy for every shape of acne.

Like other patches, they contain hydrocolloid components that are responsible for the quick healing of your pimples. The waterproof feature makes them just that much more exciting to use during sweaty months of the year.

When applying a Catch Me Patch to your skin, make sure not to force it onto the troubled area – instead, gently press it on to the pimple and forget about it. Your skin will gradually heal underneath the patch and become crystal-clear once you wake up in the morning.

Soak Insider Tip: If you want to remove the patch, soak it in lukewarm water for it to easily come off.

Where to Buy Catch Me Patch Spot: Amazon

Olive Young Care Plus Scar Cover Spot Patch

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For painful pimples that wouldn’t go away for days, consider looking into Olive Young’s acne patches. These hydrocolloid bandages have the power to quickly heal your acne without irritating your skin.

Their advantage over your home-pimple-picking is obvious – as opposed to infecting your skin, they promote restoration of your epidermis. Be it a whitehead or a seasoned pimple, rest assured that the patches will help you gain control over your skin back relatively soon.

Here’s great news for every makeup guru – the thin fabric the patches are built from allows you to wear them under your foundation. These little water-resistant helpers won’t slide off until you remove them with your makeup, which is always a nice bonus.

Where to Buy Olive Young Care Plus Scar Cover Spot Patch: Olive Young’s Official Site

Wishtrend Clear Skin Shield Patch

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How are Wishtrend acne patches different from the other patches on the market? Besides absorbing impurities from your skin, they are also capable of protecting your acne from dust and abrasion.

As if this was not enough, these patches are super ‘stickable’. You won’t have to deal with them falling off or irritating the skin around the pimple.

The exploitation is easy too: simply clean and pat the problem area dry, choose the patch that covers the pimple well, and gently press it on to the desired area. The rest is handled by the patch.

Where to buy Wishtrend Clear Skin Shield Patch: Wishtrend Official Site

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

At Soak, there’s no taking a break when it comes to raving about COSRX products – we’re head over heels about them. The Acne Pimple Patch Master is not an exception. Promising to heal your most stubborn pimples overnight, the patches don’t fail to deliver.

They effectively absorb impurities from zits and whiteheads while simultaneously hydrating your skin and reducing inflammation. You can wholeheartedly expect these hydrocolloid films to break your habit of picking your pimples when you’re not supposed to.

Choose the patch size that fits your zit best, stick it to the spot, and leave it until the next morning. Your zit is guaranteed to reduce in size and look as if it was never there, to begin with.

Where to Buy COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch: COSRX Official Site

Nexcare Acne Cover

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Nextcare acne patches are nothing like the ones from COSRX – they are visible on the skin and considerably thicker. Despite that, they do the job of sucking the puss from your pimple out pretty damn well (isn’t this the ultimate goal anyway?).

We cannot forget to mention that these coverings are breathable and comfortable to wear. No matter what skin type you have, you’ll want to have an extra pack in your skincare cabinet at all times.

The brand claims that the patches work like a sponge: after applying one to the pimple, you’ll start noticing the change in its color as it absorbs the yucky stuff from your zit. It’s surprisingly satisfying to see the patch working in front of your eyes.

Where to Buy Nexcare Acne Cover: Amazon

We would highly recommend giving acne patches a try if you’re ready to surrender and keep your fingers away from the zits. By carefully removing impurities from your pimples, these small but mighty patches can transform your skin in a matter of weeks of continuous use. Don’t waste the opportunity to pamper yourself and order some today.

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