Your Go-To Korean Anti-Aging Skincare: TOP 5 AHC Products

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Here’ the cold truth – aging is a natural process you can’t escape. Gracefully aging is what you would call a goal. However, if you’re already on that process, you’ll start noticing fine lines and wrinkles in places they weren’t prominent before and ruminate about the days your skin was plump and smooth.

What if we told you there’s a way to get back that youthful look?

Enter – AHC cosmetics. Having established itself as a reputable facial treatment brand, it’s become a ‘go-to’ for everyone looking for high-quality skincare that won’t break the bank.

With over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, AHC has managed to acquire loyal customers not only in Korea, but also in the United States, the UK, and Australia. And this speaks volumes.

The company’s promise called ‘AestheBalance’ is simple – it’s built on the concoction of the following three core elements:

  • Effective and safe ingredients
  • Scientific product information
  • Optimized usage method

This mix of goodness is precisely what helps to address the individual skin needs and enhance the natural beauty within every woman.

Check out these TOP 5 AHC products you should incorporate into your Korean skincare routine ASAP:

1. The Pure Real Eye Cream for Face

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Since AHC’s eye creams are their highest ranked and most loved products, we decided to start off with the cream of the crop. Meet Pure Real Eye Cream – a hypoallergenic and anti-aging eye cream that can be applied to your entire face.

Its natural ingredients like Red salvia root extract, Hirsute Raspberry extract and rice extract help brighten, moisturize, and improve the elasticity of your skin. The built-in refining system takes it one step further and makes the cream absorb just that much better.

For rejuvenating your eye area, use it two times a day after priming your skin with toner. Be gentle when applying the cream and use slight dabs to spread it around the eyes until it gets absorbed.

For a facial treatment, use it two times a day as the last step of your skincare routine. Distribute the cream evenly across your face with light motions for the best results.

Where to buy The Pure Real Eye Cream for Face: AHC Official Site

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2. Natural Perfection Fresh Sunstick

Summer tends to be a lot more exciting for you rather than for your skin. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With a good-quality sunblock, expect your skin to thrive – even in Korea.

To test the waters, both literally and figuratively, try out AHC’s Natural Perfection Fresh Sun Stick. Its non-sticky formula helps to control the sebum, which, in combination with the Tahiti vanilla extract, Nymphaea alba flower extract and Hawaiian deep-sea water leaves your skin nourished, soothed, and moisturized.

The brand recommends using the sun stick as the final step of your skincare routine before you head out of the door. Apply it from the inner face outwards and don’t forget about other areas of your skin too.

Where to buy Natural Perfection Fresh Sunstick: AHC Official Site

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3. 365 Red Serum

The 365 RED Serum had to make it onto this list for several reasons.

Let’s talk about the main ingredient of the serum – Egyptian red hibiscus flower – first. Known for its antioxidant properties derived from the vitamin B12, it helps soothe and brighten your skin tone.

Then comes the mixture of hyaluronic acid, probiotics, collagen, and propolis enzymes that aims to get rid of wrinkles, lift your skin, and make it plumper.  

This cocktail of hi-tech ingredients makes the serum a great addition to your skincare routine. AHC suggests applying it all over your face and neckline with light dabs until the product is fully absorbed.

Where to buy 365 Red Serum: AHC Official Site

4. 365 Red Cream

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Staying within the same line of products, we want you to pay close attention to the 365 RED cream. (Warning – there’s a high chance it will convert you into a long-term AHC customer.)

The cream is designed to help smooth and refine your complexion that is likely to be dull by the end of the busy day. It takes care of those unwanted wrinkles with the Egyptian red hibiscus and damask rose butter that leads to a hydrated, radiant, and healthy-looking skin.

Soak Insider Tip: Use it as the last step of your skincare routine by taking an appropriate amount and gently spreading the cream in your entire face until absorbed.

Where to buy 365 Red Cream: AHC Beauty

5. Premium Cotton Mask

Image via KoreaUA

Last but not least, we have a worthy contender for a product that will both moisturize and whiten your skin in less than half an hour. If you haven’t guessed it yet, it’s the AHC’s Premium Cotton Sheet Mask – an essential skincare item that leaves your skin feeling refreshed and nourished.

The vitamin complex together with plant extracts and a patented ‘Aqua Ceramide’ delivers profound moisture and nutrition without irritating your skin. Consider it a win-win if you are someone who is struggling with sensitive skin.

After refreshing your skin with the toner, apply the mask evenly all over the face and wait for 10-20 minutes to pass. Once you remove it, let the excess of the product to fully absorb into your skin by lightly dabbing or massaging your face.

Where to buy Premium Cotton Mask: AHC Official Site

Thirsty for more skincare from AHC cosmetics?

We have only touched the surface here, and there’s certainly more to the brand. While these top 5 products are the stars of the show, you might want to explore other options from them too. To do so, head over to their website and Instagram. With a bit of browsing, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for. 

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