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South Korea is no stranger to beauty procedures. In fact, it’s on par with giants in the global cosmetics industry like Japan and France. Thank the country’s pop culture for the perpetually appearing beauty trends on the international market – without them, there wouldn’t be nearly as much innovation.

As the buzz surrounding both invasive and non-invasive beauty treatments doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon – (and there’s no reason for it to disappear with this high of demand) – more people are starting to wonder about what procedures they can get.

Unless you are a true beauty junkie, you will probably find terms like ‘micro-needling’, ‘toning laser’, ‘peeling’, and ‘dermal fillers’ quite confusing. After all, these treatments aren’t the main topic of everyday conversations.

But that doesn’t mean that you need to stay away from them. 

Scroll through our in-depth guide to learn more about the most popular beauty procedures currently provided by Korean clinics and you are guaranteed to find the one that resonates with you the most.  

Laser Toning

Starting off with Korea’s favorite, laser toning has managed to win the hearts of the biggest beauty skeptics. This is far from surprising – the procedure is the holy grail of those hoping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, treat pigmentation, and remove acne scars. 

The treatment features beams of light that penetrate deeply into the skin and break apart pigments, promoting the production of collagen and elastin. Here’s the best part – it isn’t invasive and takes less than an hour of your time.

Depending on the type of laser, you can achieve results that will leave you acne-, sun spot-, and wrinkle-free. Yes, you can have it all!  



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Thread Lifting

If you’re familiar with anti-aging treatments, you’ve likely heard about thread lifting before. If not, keep on reading. 

This non-surgical alternative to the famous facelift helps sharpen the jawline, lift droopy eyes, and tighten hollow smile lines in under 60 minutes. Not to mention, the short downtime lasts no more than 3 days, allowing you to go back to work almost right away.

The procedure is as follows: a meltable thread is administered under your skin into the tissue, accompanied by pulling the skin to lift the face. Don’t knock it until you try it.



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Here’s another rejuvenating treatment that has gained momentum in the past couple of decades. Created specifically for those looking for a ‘quick fix’, it gives you the coveted effects of a facelift within an hour.

During the procedure, a laser makes small incisions into your bottom half of the face to get rid of the excess fat. The result is a defined jaw and neck that makes you look at least a couple of years younger.

Since it’s a one-time treatment, you don’t need to come back for more – all you have to do is to uphold the results with the help of an active lifestyle.



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Stem-Cell Therapy

Perhaps the biggest game-changer in the list of beauty treatments offered in Korea has been Stem-Cell Therapy. And it’s self-explanatory – it’s the most ‘organic’ anti-aging procedure you can get. 

The concept behind it is simple: the stem-cell banking program enables you to collect your own stem cells that are used to develop fat grafts for your face. The end result is a toned and rejuvenated face that looks brand new. 

While there are always risks involved in beauty procedures of all kinds, this one is less risky because the cells come from your own body and are thus more likely to agree with your system. 



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Microneedling might sound a little more familiar – until you’ve had it done in Korea. Having been around for over 30 years, it has managed to earn a solid reputation among the general public. 

How did Korea tweak the procedure? The local clinics have developed the RF microneedling – the treatment that also goes under the name ‘Ballerina Lift’ – that uses Radio Frequency to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Those suffering from large pores and acne scars will benefit from it too.



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Skin Peeling

Ah, the good old peelings. It doesn’t get any more basic than that. 

Well, not this time around. When we’re talking about South Korean beauty treatments, there’s no place for ‘basic’. Whether it’s the glycolic peel or the much-raved-about aqua peel, these face treatments will wow you at the very least.

While peels with glycolic acid have long been known to dissolve the ‘glue’ that makes dead cells and oils cling to your face and cause blackheads and whiteheads, aqua peels is a completely new genre. 

The water-infused peeling procedure has two things going for it – a suction device that extracts gunk from your epidermis and an aqua gel that supplies it with moisture, making it suitable for even sensitive complexions.



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Dermal Fillers

We’ve saved the best for last – cosmetic fillers are all the rage right now and we can see why. Not only do they take the least amount of time to be injected, but they also are the best alternative for invasive surgery.

There’s hardly anything you can’t achieve with fillers. A collagen-rich skin with zero wrinkles? Check. A texture-free skin with no scars? Check. A higher nose bridge and plumper lips? Check.

Made from either synthetic or natural materials, dermal fillers are formulated to penetrate your skin just the right amount to enter the expanded soft tissue. It will then fill the areas of your face that need an extra oomph and leave you looking more confident than before. 



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We’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg with Korean beauty treatments everyone and their mother is getting these days. This leaves you with enough homework to do in order to find what procedures will bring out your best features. 

As the industry grows and thrives, there will appear plenty of other beauty treatments you’ll want to keep an eye on. Don’t miss the chance to be the first to know about the up-and-coming trends on our website – subscribe here.    


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