The New eSpoir Look Book Vintage Lace Palette is the Ultimate Fall Staple

And you should get your hands on it before it’s out of stock.
Image via eSpoir

The continuous pursuit of beauty is natural for every human being. eSpoir, being the behemoth beauty provider, helps you with exactly that. 

This globally recognized Korean road shop provides you with tons of high-quality K-beauty products. Recommended by many makeup artists, eSpoir aims to accentuate your natural beauty by highlighting your best features. 

If you’re familiar with Korean beauty, you’ve already heard about the company’s amazing Pro Tailor Foundations or No Wear Gentle Matte lipsticks. But there’s more to the brand. Meet the newest to date eSpoir drop: Look Book Vintage Lace Palette.


Image via eSpoir

We can’t help but mention the obvious – the packaging of the Vintage Lace Palette looks like a beauty anachronism. Even if you’re not fond of vintage stuff, you’ll find it attractive and nostalgic, at the very least.

It’s reminiscent of a vintage vignette with lace fabric that features an old, black & white photo. When you open it, however, instead of a photo, you get stunning, fall-appropriate eyeshadows.


Image via eSpoir

Their creamy matte texture and elegant colors will give your makeup a unique look. When you apply them to your eyelids, they glide smoothly like butter. The best part – the neutral color scheme will suit anyone regardless of their skin tone or eye color. 

The  palette offers you a fantastic range of colors:

5 matte colors: 

  • Lace Dress 
  • Angora Knit
  • Camel Silk Shoes
  • Mahogany Skirt
  • Earl Grey Jazz 

2 glitter colors: 

  • Shell Pendant
  • Vintage Pearl
Image via eSpoir

Given such a versatile set of colors, you can create a natural, work-friendly nude makeup and an edgy, night-out evening look too. The Vintage Pearl and Shell Pendant shades are guaranteed to make your eyelids shine, while the pretty Earl Grey Jazz shade is sure to give your makeup look a soft and vintage aesthetic. 

Be ready to fall in love with the Look Book Vintage Lace Palette the moment you open it. It’ll become your partner in crime when getting ready for any and every occasion. Get your own dose of vintage vibes with the new eSpoir Look Book Vintage Lace Palette!

Featured Image via eSpoir

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