Soak’s mission is to bridge the gap between Korean beauty brands and the rest of the world.

By curating K-Beauty content into easily accessible and digestible pieces of information, we strive to continuously stay ahead of the curve.

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Soak Magazine has comprehensive coverage of all things K-Beauty including skincare, fashion, and lifestyle. 

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Korean Skin Clinic Partnerships

The advantage that comes with being a Korea-based company is the early access we get to the latest innovations in skincare startups & clinics.  

This enables Soak to partner with a variety of dermatology clinics that offer a large number of skin-glowing facials & non-invasive procedures.

Marketing Agency

Soak has a proven record of assisting Korean beauty brands in overcoming cultural & language barriers to entering the Western market.   

Our goal is to strategize and promote your brand in English-speaking countries without losing the message your products carry.

Influencer Agency

Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencers are slowly but surely taking over TV commercials. As more and more companies are allocating substantial budgets to the new social media authorities, the demand for trustworthy internet personas continues to grow exponentially.  

Soak is your guide into the world of business partnerships where you have the chance to build long-term relationships with global brands.

Influencers are the tv’s of the world- they already have the trust and following of thousands of people all over the globe. They have the attention of the international world.

-Judy Kim, Soak CEO

Media Productions

From commercials to social media campaigns, Soak offers an extensive list of professional media productions including photoshoots, CF’s, GRWM’s, and influencer-based content.

Pony Effect x Soak Video

Events/Launch Parties

At Soak, we take the fun to the next level. 

Soak Brunches have become our trademark that had left a mark in the Korean beauty industry. 

In addition, we have had fruitful partnerships in the past that allowed us to host luxurious events featuring press, digital influencers, and first-hand familiarization with brands. 

By partnering with us, your latest launches are guaranteed to reach a wide audience.


Soak takes pride in being featured on the Korea Times, 10 Magazine, and Elle Magazine’s social media.

Our wide network is capable of helping your brand to expand its reach beyond what’s possible. With us, you’ll get the needed exposure on beauty blogs, magazines, and PR platforms.

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